Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Deadline: 17th October 2023
Topics for 40th National Gastroenterology Week
  1. Oral Cavity, Esophagus
  2. Stomach-Duodenum And H.pylori
  3. Small Intestine and Nutrition
  4. IBD And Microscopic Colitis
  5. Lower Gastrointestinal System and Colon (Except IBD)
  6. Liver
  7. Pancreaticobiliar
  8. Therapeutic Endoscopy, EUS And ERCP
  9. Basic And Translational Science
  10. Obesity, Microbiota and Other
Abstract Submission Information
  • Abstracts must be submitted online via abstract submission system. Abstracts sent by e-mail will not be evaluated and/or accepted.
  • The abstracts will not be edited after acceptance. Therefore, the authors are responsible for all typographical errors.
Abstract Submission Rules
  • Accepted abstracts will be published in Turkish Journal of Gastroenterology. It is imperative to submit these abstracts in English.
  • Abstracts will be submitted as poster or oral presentations.
  • Academic titles should not be used.
  • Names should be written in lowercase letters with only the first letter capitalized.
    Example: Arthur Smith
  • The names and addresses of the institutions must be specified.
    Example: Xxxx University Faculty of Medicine, Xxxx Department, ─░zmir
  • Maximum 29 authors can be added in the abstract system. If your abstract has more authors, please send an email to ugh2023bildiri@topkon.com
  • Presenter of the abstract must be indicated via marker in the system.
  • Only the first letter of the abstract title should be capitalized. (Abbreviations are the exception.)
    If abbreviation is used in the abstract, the full name of the abbreviation should be written in parentheses.
  • In the abstracts, the aim of the study, the methods used, findings with sufficient statistical and/or numerical detail, and the result within the framework of the presented findings should be briefly explained.
  • Abstracts should be structured in four parts: Aim of the study, methods, findings, and conclusion.
  • The abstract should not exceed 300 words, excluding the title, author's name and surname.
  • Visit the link and register as "New User".
  • All correspondences will be made via e-mail. Please be sure your e-mail address is correct and active.
  • Follow up the explanations on the system to continue.
  • Keep the confirmation e-mails which will be sent to your e-mail address after the abstract submission process.

Important Note: If you want to update your submitted abstract before the submission deadline, please send an email to ugh2023bildiri@topkon.com. Upon your request, your abstract will be kept in the system as draft to be able to make your updates possible.

Evaluation of Abstracts
  • All abstracts will be evaluated by the reviewers and the Scientific Committee.
  • Notifications will be sent to all presenters as via e-mail.
  • The Scientific Committee has the right to change the abstracts as oral and poster presentations and to make decisions.